Beauty, Hair and Health in Formentera

Massage & Physiotherapy
Massage Formentera are aiming to bring massage and Physiotherapy to ever corner of the Island of Formentera. Without leaving your accommodation massage Formentera are ready to offer a complete and professional menu of massages and treatments.

Therapeutic Massage: Suitable for those with contractual or muscle problems .
Sports Massage: Relieves muscle overload caused by exercise. Both before physical activity as the end .
Circulatory: Improves circulation return . Indicated for tired legs and varicose .

Relaxing Massage: Indicated to treat muscle problems related to stress, using the help of aromatherapy.

Lymph Drainage: Helps drain lymph fluid, which is indicated both pathologies where this movement is altered , and aesthetics to decrease volume.

Reflexology and Facial: Stimulating the reflexes , to improve mental states or physical ailments.
Massage is popular for its slimming, anti-stress and relaxation benefits, and most pools also have body jets to massage the body, while rehabilitation treatments can help or cure rheumatism, ulcers and disorders of the skin and bone. Here are some of the best Spa centres and massage Centres in Formentera.